mapthumbThis public transportation map is the only one of its kind.  The Governments of San Juan and Puerto Rico no longer maintain paper or electronic versions of this map.  To use the map, click on a colored path.  A window will appear describing the route the bus takes including departure and destination points.  There are two major transporation hubs in San Juan:  Old San Juan and Sagrado Corazon in Santurce.  All buses originate and finish their routes from these hubs.

Taxi Numbers

AAA Metro Tax Cab 787-945-5555
AA American Taxi 787-982-3466
Astro Taxi 787-727-888
Capetillo Taxi 787-758-7004
Ocean Crew Transport 787-645-8294

Taxi Fares in the Tourist Zone

In San Juan, taxi fares are set by law to protect visitors to the island.  To use the chart below: Select your point of arrival (Munoz Airport, Cruise Ship Docks, Small Isla Grande Airstrip).

Next, select your destination by its Zone Designation (i.e., Isla Verde is Zone 2).

Your fare should be the corresponding amount.  Tip is not included.

Extra charges:

$1 for each piece of luggage; 5+ pp $2 extra pp; $1 extra per trip between 10 pm -6 am

Taxi Destination Zones

Zone 1 Munoz Airport
 Zone 2  Isla Verde
 Zone 3  Condado, Ocean Park
 Zone 4  Old San Juan, Puerta de Tierra
 Zone 5  Convention Center, Isla Grande Airport


Taxi From Munoz Airport To

Zone 2     $10

Zone 3     $15

Zone 4     $19

Zone 5     $15

Plaza las Americas    $18

Carolina Mall            $14

Coliseum                 $14

Toll Bridge               $2

Taxi From Isla Grande Airstrip To

Zone 1     $15

Zone 2     $15

Zone 3     $9

Zone 4     $10

Plaza las Americas   $12

Carolina Mall           $22

Coliseum                $12

Tolls Paid by Passenger

Taxi From Cruise Ships To

Zone 1     $19

Zone 2     $19

Zone 3     $12

Zone 4     $10

Zone 5     $9

Plaza las Americas    $14

Carolina Mall            $24 

Coliseum                 $14

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